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Logo and Branding Design for Your Ministry




The design process is very important to achieving the right results in your branding. After a brief research phase, we will begin conceptualization and provide you with concepts and color schemes from which to choose. If you have any change requests, the design will be revised until you are pleased with the design. Once complete, we will provide you with both professional artwork files for your print shop and easy-to-use files for printing in your ministry office.

Concept Art

The conceptualization phase of design is where the direction for the project is established. Communication during this part of the process is vital to ensure that the logo project is moving in the direction that the ministry leader is needing. During this phase, we will send you concept art and sketches showing the various ideas and possibilities that are open to you. This provides you an opportunity to give feedback and interact with the project on a deeper level.

As the project nears completion, you can rest assured knowing that the end result is just what your ministry needs since you had a part in the process.


Identify your ministry’s values and programs to the community you serve. What we believe sets us apart and your logo should help communicate that to those in your community.


Quick Recognition

A quality logo helps people recognize your ministry at special events, your ministry property, and tracts and flyers you pass out in the community.

Versatile Design

Logos will need be used in many places, which means the design needs to be flexible. Our designs are made to clearly represent your ministry with simplicity and yet be flexible enough to adapt to your ministry’s growing needs.

Professional Artwork

Your logo and branding will be used for many years to come, so it is vital to have quality vector files that can be used as your ministry grows and develops. We provide industry-standard artwork in professional vector formats as well as raster files that are easy to work with in-office.

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